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Meet the Author - Robert Morgan

The Importance of "We Go On"

 - Theodore Roosevelt

Never were truer words spoken so plainly than by Theodore Roosevelt in his speech to veterans in Springfield, IL on July 4, 1903.  Yet, since then, our nation has found its defenders of freedom homeless, broken, and disillusioned.  We have seen their images: the shell-shocked World War II soldier unable to "move on"; the embittered Vietnam veteran fighting the war night after night in his head; the depressed and distant Iraq and Afghanistan War hero of today.  These are the men and women "We Go On" serves.

I am a member of a family of veterans dating back to World War I.  From my father, a Vietnam veteran, I was taught the passed down lessons of patriotism.  I learned about stories of heroism, courage, and sacrifice by these patriots for one common cause - love of country.  These are the men and women "We Go On" honors.

I also learned what Bruce Springsteen really meant when he sang "Born in the USA".  I saw firsthand how these same soldiers and sailors struggled after their service - fractured relationships, alcoholism, etc.  These veterans, reduced by society's inability to understand their demons, just wanted peace, normalcy, and for the war inside them to stop.  These are the men and women "We Go On" aids.

Much of my life has been dedicated to helping and honoring veterans.  My efforts began a child, placing flags on veterans' graves before Memorial Day with my father and brothers.  They continued through continued support of my father's activities at the local VFW, including playing Taps for military funerals while in high school.  I added to the family legacy by joining the U.S. Navy myself; adding nearly ten years of distinguished service.  Personally, "We Go On" is an enduring mission in my life. 

Being a veteran means sacrifice.  Veterans have no special requests in exchange for their service.  They only want a "square deal" when trading military uniforms for corporate suits.  In today's world, the "square deal" means making sure that every veteran is afforded the basic necessities of life.  Organizations like "Wounded Warrior Project" and others do just that.  They give struggling veterans a chance to rejoin the nation they proudly served.  For veterans like me, "We Go On" is our way of looking at for our fellow comrades by supporting these fine organizations.

Finally, my contribution serves as a lasting tribute to my father.  A man tormented by the Vietnam War, yet as patriotic as they come, he never stopped serving his country.  Armed with an infectious personality and gregarious demeanor, he relentlessly helped the veteran needing a hand while never letting anyone forget those who never came back.  As my siblings and I now carry his baton of service, we do so in memorial to him.  "We Go On". 

Bob Morgan, Father Mort Morgan, Brother Nick Morgan

About the author

Robert Morgan is a freelance author, engineer, and U.S. Navy military veteran.  Growing up in Pennsylvania, Robert enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1996.  Serving onboard the USS Dallas and for the Submarine Support Unit in Groton, CT, Robert earned the Navy and Marine Corp Accommodation Medal and three Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medals during his service, most notably for his actions on September 11, 2001.  Robert completed his Navy enlistment in 2005 as a First Class Petty Officer.

In the corporate world, Robert has worked for over nine years in various roles in the Engineering department for a biotechnology manufacturing facility in Rhode Island.  He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science and Technology in Nuclear Engineering Technology from Thomas Edison State College in 2012. 

As a freelance author, Robert has been featured in "Ecoforum Journal" Oct - Dec 2014 edition as well as several articles for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and other online media.  His work for "We Go On" serves as his first printed feature of his aspiring career.  Robert's portfolio may be viewed at

Besides for veteran's causes, Robert and his wife actively support charities which aid animal rescues, fight homelessness, and assist the underprivileged in the U.S. and abroad. 

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