Monday, March 16, 2015

Meet the Author - John Hansen

I was thrilled to receive notice that one of my stories had been accepted for inclusion in the anthology “We Go On.” Although many of our veterans don’t like to talk about their experiences of combat and war, their stories of heroism, friendship and sacrifice are both heart-breaking and heart-warming.

Too often however these brave men and women are not given the recognition and support that they deserve when they return to home shores. I am often appalled to hear that so many of these heroes are living in poverty and on the streets after sacrificing everything for their countries. My father and all of my uncles served in WWII, and two cousins in Vietnam. I have a son in law who is currently in the Australian Army and has served in East Timor and Indonesia. Although he has not seen combat he has been involved in the clean-up task forces sent in following tsunamis and earthquakes etc. The trauma, death and devastation he has experienced has effected him greatly and he ha been treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I have written a number of poems and short stories in support of human rights, homelessness, the treatment of our veterans especially in respect of PTSD, the disparity of wealth distribution, and fight against poverty, animal rights and the environment. I feel that if we have been given a gift of being able to write we should use that gift to try to make the world a better, fairer, and safer place for all living things. A place where acceptance rather than exclusion is the norm, and kindness and generosity the most revered human traits.

Being part of “We Go On” is an honor for me and the fact that all profits go to support various veteran’s charities is the icing on the cake.

Author Bio

As a child John Hansen wanted to be an artist however this dream never eventuated and during his teen years John also developed an interest in writing. His essays and writing received praise at school and as an adult he was a regular contributor to letters to the editor and the poetry pages of local newspapers. He studied a “writing for profit” course with The Writing School but apart from writing a few short stories and a lot of poetry he never pursued it as a career. Instead he joined the railway department as a clerk, married and had children, and put a writing career on the backburner.

Years later he joined an online writing site called Hub Pages which reignited his desire to write. John is now a member of a number of online poetry and writing groups. He has written text for two children’s picture books, other personalised poetry for clients, and has proofread and edited other people’s work.

John is passionate about human and animal rights, climate and the environment, sustainability, the fairer redistribution of wealth, organic gardening, the fight against GMO foods, and ending poverty, sex trafficking, animal poaching, and the plight of the homeless and veterans. He has a certificate in Permaculture Design.

John’s writing is a mix of poetry, short fiction and essays and always incorporates a message that he feels is important. Hub Pages is his main writing platform.

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