Table of Contents

We Go On
An Enemy That Haunts My Mind by Alan W. Jankowski
Wailing Wall by Judith Turner-Yamamoto
A Soldier’s Dream by Steve Morse
No Man Left Behind by Terry Rozum
Waging Peace by Kelly Talbot
Just a Humble Hero by John Hansen
Dead Man Walking by Robin Merrill
That Time We Brought Some Veterans Down to Mexico by Evan Harris
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Gregory Roorda
The Demons Will Someday Die by Shruti Fatehpuria
To Love Again by Anita Stienstra
Journey of a Hidden Life by Julie Seedorf
She - A Brutal Truth by Liberty Samantha Michael
The Mind of a Shrimp by Robert E. Bergmann
Exit Wounds by Lana Bella
Not Perfect, Still a Hero by Jason W. Huschle
Shadows of the Past by SL Berg
Finding 'Peace with Honor' by Robert Morgan
A Soldier’s Cry by Kelley Hutchison
Coming Back To Life by Kiki Howell
My Dad, My Hero by Stephen Quinn
We Go On