Thursday, March 19, 2015

Meet the Author - Julie Seedorf

I have always viewed my writing career as a “God” thing.  Getting published, being able to put my words and thoughts on paper for a column and also in books seemed to come too easily, and so I have always said it was a “God” thing.

I have had to rely on my faith in my adult life. There have been times that my faith is the only thing that kept me going when the day and the way seemed dark.

We Go On: Charity Anthology for Veterans seemed to pop out at me and being accepted to write a story in the anthology seemed to me to be a “God” thing too. I was honored to be a part of this anthology and to put words on paper to describe our journey with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

I wasn’t sure what I could share. I wasn’t sure what I could say without revealing some of the anguish that families feel when they meet the emotions of someone that is struggling from a war that happened over 40 years ago. I wasn’t sure what the Veteran in my life would let me share. 

I found when I wrote the story, Journey of A Hidden Life, my heart was right there letting the words flow. Did I reveal too much? Sharing feelings with strangers is so risky. It was a relief to get those feelings on paper. It was more of a relief when my Veteran said, “Yes, you can share that.” It was proof that his journey to health is progressing.

I was still unsure and scared when the book came out until I had someone call and share their story with me. They now knew they were not alone. If I look around with open eyes and listen, I hear the stories of others that served in my community and how the Vietnam War changed their lives forever.

I believe that all Veterans lives and the lives of their families and friends are changed forever because of their experiences in war. It isn’t over just because they come home. The war lives inside of them for the rest of their lives. It is time, we as a nation, recognize what they did for us, what they still do for us, and the fact that we need to give back to them whatever we can because of all they have sacrificed for us.

That is what this Anthology means to me, a way to give back. It is a way to say thank you for protecting my freedom.

Author Bio:

Author Julie Seedorf is a columnist, author and dreamer. She lived her live as a wife and mom, experiencing various careers including that of computer technician, retiring from her computer repair business in January of 2014 to follow her dream and transition to that of full-time writer.

Beside her  Cozy Mystery, Fuchsia, Minnesota Series, published by Cozy Cat Press, she is the author of the Granny’s In Trouble Series bringing mystery to the life of young readers along with sharing who Granny is under the wrinkles, so her grandchildren will always know that Granny can be forever young. Her column Something About Nothing, is written with the idea that under the nothings we all talk about there is a hidden something waiting to get out.
Her latest book, published in March 2015, Something About Nothing, is a collection of columns from her column with the same name.

Another project dear to her heart is having a story published in the new book, We Go On: Charity Anthology For Veterans edited by Kiki Howell which was released in March 2015.. All proceeds will go to Veteran’s Organizations.

Julie is a longtime Minnesota resident who shares the tough Minnesota winters with her Granny character. Outside of writing she likes to read, try new hobbies and scurries to keep up with her social media. She lives with her husband and has two shysters of her own, Boris and Natasha. Her favorite moments are those she spends with her friends and family, especially her grandchildren.

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